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Uniflex S.p.A is a leading European manufacturer of organic sealants: acrylic, silicone, butyl, etc.

The company was founded in 1996 from the initiative of a team with long experience in producing sealing products, glues, plasters and polyurethane foams: Franco Berlanda, a chemist with more than forty years of experience in the industry, and Primaldo Paglialonga, a sales expert with over 30 years of business practice in the building sector.

UNIFLEX S.p.A. an independent company in the global market

Uniflex has a production facility of around 5.000 square-meters in the municipality of Mezzocorona (TN), and has developed exponentially in terms of both, volumes and quality.

From its first production line of one tube-filling machine and a mixer, Uniflex today has 7 cartridge-filling, two flex-pack, 2 drum-filling lines - all automatic - and 8 large size mixers. This machinery is capable of producing 60 tons of acrylic sealant per day. Also, to this considerable volumes we must add the processing and packaging activity with other sealing materials, such as silicone, polyurethane, and butyl products.

The Uniflex product range is vast and diversified: more than 20 kinds of acrylic sealants, montage adhesives and other specific products for the building sector.
The export rate of the company, mainly focused on Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and Eastern Europe, is about 40%. The remaining 60% is placed in the domestic market. Uniflex serves customers that are among the most important and qualified international companies in the distribution of building materials.

For this reason, the internal organization is extremely precise but flexible at the same time, and is deemed to meet customers’ demand and expectations. The growth of Uniflex is determined by the professionalism of its staff and the intense activity of the R&D lab and the production department.
Over the years, Uniflex has acquired increasing importance in the European market by taking care of every detail of its activity in the various aspects of development, production, sales and technical support.